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Why Brawl Stars Won’t Die Soon

Brawl Stars has been installed on millions and millions of phones/tablets since it first launched in 2018. While it didn’t gain instant traction in the mobile game market, it didn’t take long before it was attracting millions of monthly players, becoming one of the most popular mobile games. It makes a lot of money too, with plenty of people looking to top up Brawl Stars gems. However, despite the popularity, you still get countless people claiming that Brawl Stars is on its last legs. It isn’t. We’ll tell you why.

It’s Still Popular

Want to know how many people play Brawl Stars each month? Well, it measures in the millions. It is a highly popular mobile game that has managed to gain a foothold in tons of countries. It helps that it is free to play too. Whenever you want to play, you’ll find a game. It doesn’t matter the game mode, or the level of competition you want. There’s games, and we’ve managed to get into games in seconds in the dead of night. That’s populated!

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Cash? Yeah, the Game Makes Loads of It

You know the biggest indicator that a game won’t be going offline any time soon? It’s money. Companies love money, it is the whole reason they exist, and Brawl Stars makes a lot of it. It sells season passes, skins, and other items. Every time there is an in-game promo, the game makes serious bank. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, right into the publisher’s coffers.

The Game is Fun to Play

We love how the developers have committed to ensuring that the gameplay in Brawl Stars is varied. There are tons of Brawl Stars characters, and loads of different maps and game modes. This means that everything feels ‘fresh’ when you play, and you never quite know what to expect from the game.

The Meta Changes Regularly

In a bid to keep things fresh, the meta for Brawl Stars changes a lot. In fact, new tier lists need to be produced every single month due to how much things get shaken up. A top character one month may be an F tier character the next. It gives people the opportunity to experiment with loads of different brawlers, making the game feel awesome.

Monthly Season Passes

Season passes keep people coming back to games, and because Brawl Stars launches a season pass every month, they’re always reeling the older players back in who want to pick up a few exclusive skins or something like that.

Get Started with Brawl Stars Today

We hope that proves it. Brawl Stars won’t be shutting down any time soon. If somebody says it will, they’re just a hater. The game is easy to get into, and it is gaining (not losing) thousands of players every month. You’ll be fine if you want to become a brawler.

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