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What you should know about stone coated steel roofing

Stone coated steel roofing is a beautiful material, that will provide you with a durable roof that will last you for years to come. We offer the best stone coated steel roofing for our clients, that comes from high quality raw materials. This ensures the durability of your roof and provides you with a long lasting roof for your home.

What is Stone Coated Roofing?

Stone coated  roofing, commonly known as shingles, is a type of roofing material that has been used for decades. These materials are made from thin sheets of steel, which are covered in a layer of cement that looks similar to a mortar or stucco. These sheets are then cut and nailed together to create a continuous and durable roof.

  How does stone coated roofing work?

Stonecoated roofing is a hot new alternative to asphalt roofs that gives you a roof with the appearance and feel of a traditional asphalt shingle roof. It is ideal for those who want a low maintenance, attractive, durable roof. The benefits of stonecoated steel roofing are: No Maintenance. The stonecoat coating will never need to be replaced. It looks and feels like asphalt and is easily repaired. Very Low Maintenance. The stonecoating is non-skid and the surface is very durable. The material is extremely strong and will never crack or peel like asphalt. It is UV-resistant and is also fireproof.

The Benefits of Stone Coated Roofing

Stone coated steel roofs are a sustainable alternative to asphalt roofing. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but also offers great resistance to weathering and corrosion. Its unique properties help to protect the building from heavy rainfall, wind, snow, hail and other forms of damage, ensuring that the roof remains usable for longer than other materials. Its light weight, durability and flexibility make it suitable for commercial buildings, as well as industrial and residential structures.

 How to Choose the Right Stone Coated Roofing Company

Before selecting a company, you should determine what you’re looking for. Choosing the right stone coated steel roofing company can be challenging. While there are many options available, only a small percentage of roofing companies are legitimate. The best approach is to avoid the big box roofing stores because they don’t offer the same quality products. Instead, look for Valley Stream roofing companies with years of experience, high ratings from previous customers, and an extensive array of services.

 How to Choose the Best Color for Your Stone coated roofing

The next tip on our list for choosing the best color for your stone coated steel roofing system is to make sure you pick a color that fits your design. If you have an extremely contemporary home, your roof may need to be much more subtle than a more traditional home. A modern or contemporary roof can be done in a neutral color pallet, or even in a warm tone. If you have a house that looks old and worn, you may want to opt for a darker roofing material such as slate or even a black metal roofing material.

 Why should you use it?

One of the many reasons why you should use stone coated steel roofing? Well, let’s just say that there is an increasing demand for high quality roofing materials that not only keep you protected but also last a long time. Stone coated steel roofing is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the weather. You don’t have to worry about your roof being destroyed or damaged by any severe storm or weather elements. So if you’re looking for the perfect choice for your home, go for stone coated steel roofing.


In conclusion, stone coated steel roofing has proven to be a practical and affordable roofing material for residential applications, as well as for commercial applications. It also helps protect against harsh weather conditions and has been shown to withstand wind loads and high humidity.


1. Where can I buy it?

You can find stone coated steel roofing at many building supply stores.

2. What can I do to maintain it?

You can clean your roof by using a pressure washer or a hose with a nozzle attachment. If you need to repair your roof, call a professional.

3. Are stone coated steel roofings more expensive than other types of roofing?

Yes, stone coated steel roofing is more expensive than other types of roofing. However, it’s a great choice for commercial buildings because it lasts for a long time.

4. Why would I want to use it?

Stone coated steel roofing is more durable and more environmentally friendly than other types of roofing.


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