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What is austinbased found series

Are austinbased found series you an art lover and a fan of discovering new talents? Well, then you are in for a treat! In this blog post, we will be exploring the fascinating world of Austin-based Found Series. This innovative series is dedicated to showcasing emerging artists from various fields such as music, visual arts, performance art, and more. If you’re curious about what makes this series unique and how it has become a staple in the vibrant Austin art scene – keep reading! Prepare to be inspired by the creativity and passion that lies within the Found Series community.

Austinbased is a digital media company that creates short-form video content

Austinbased is a digital media company that creates short-form video content. The company’s mission is to “build community through storytelling.” Austinbased creates short-form videos for social media, online education, and digital marketing campaigns. The company’s creations have been featured on Vice, Forbes, and TIME.

Found Series is a series of short-form videos that explore different topics

Austinbased found series is a series of short-form videos that explore different topics. The first video, “10 Things to Do in Austin Before You Die,” was released in February of 2016 and has since accumulated over 555,000 views. The series is created by Michael Young and produced by Little Ray Productions.

The Austinbased found series is made up of four videos:

The Austinbased found series is made up of four videos that explore the city from different perspectives. “Downtown Austin with Tim Rogers” follows the city’s iconic downtown district as its namesake tours it while “East Austin with Rudy Vallee” takes a look at one of the city’s historically African-American neighborhoods. The next video, “Southwest Austin with Bobby Bones” focuses on the area around South Lamar and includes interviews with local businesses and residents. Finally, “North Central Austin with Josie Long” takes a look at an eclectic part of town that’s home to a large Czech community.


The Austin-based Found series is a collaborative storytelling project that brings together talented photographers, filmmakers, and storytellers from around the city to tell unique and engaging stories. The series showcases the unique architecture, neighborhoods, and people of Austin through photographic and documentary storytelling.

Through the Found series, Austin residents are able to see their city in a new light, opening up discussions about what makes Austin special. The series has also fostered relationships between individuals who may not have interacted otherwise. There are now even more ways for residents to connect with their community and appreciate all that it has to offer.


What is Austin-based found series?

Austin-based found series is a collaborative, serialized storytelling project that began in 2015. Found series takes the form of short stories, flash fiction, and poems that are published online and then collected into a physical book. The goal of found series is to create an archive of Austin-related writing that can be shared and enjoyed by anyone who wants to read it.


C. is for Culture
If you love art and music, Austin has something for you. From world-renowned museums to cutting-edge performance halls, the city has something to offer everyone with an appreciation for the arts. And there’s always something new happening in the music scene – from up-and-coming bands to legendary acts crossing over into new genres.

C. is for Cuisine
Austin is known as a foodie town, and there’s good reason for that. From unique take on Texan cuisine to world-class eateries serving up everything from sushi to Indian curries, there’s something for everyone when it comes to food in Austin. And if you want to venture out of the city limits, you won’t be disappointed – the countryside offers its own unique culinary experiences.

C. is for Climate
Austin residents know their weather can be hot or cold – but they also know that the rain can turn into snow in just a few hours, so bundling up is always a good idea. Plus, because of the city’s central location, conditions here are typically milder than those found in more rural areas of Texas…or anywhere else in the USA!


Austinbased Found Series is a documentary film series that aims to document the unique and diverse culture of Austin, Texas. The first season of the series features six episodes and was released in December of 2016.


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