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How to Master the Art of Waterless Car Wash- Tips and Tricks

Purchasing a car is just the beginning. The most important part is maintaining the car appropriately to ensure that it offers longevity. The car maintenance procedure may include a car wash, a routine check of all the various parts as well as car interior cleaning. Among all these, one maintenance activity that requires frequent repetition is a car wash. 

With gradual advancements in the automobile sector, traditional water-based car wash techniques have become obsolete. Dry wash for cars has attracted the attention of car owners, which doesn’t involve the requirement of large amounts of water for rinsing and cleaning the vehicle. 

This new method makes use of specialised car wash accessories, solutions, and lubricants that efficiently and safely remove the dust, dirt, and other contaminants that are present on the car’s surface. Let us know in detail what a waterless car wash really is and how to perform it efficiently.

What Is A Waterless Car Wash?

As the very term ‘waterless’ suggests that there is no involvement of water in the procedure of car wash. It is also commonly known as a spray-on car wash or no-water car wash, which offers the same results but not with the use of water and is completed in less time as compared to car washes done with the help of water. 

How Is Waterless Carwash Done?

Compared to the typical car wash methods, that are commonly performed with a hose, a waterless car wash uses advanced accessories and products that retain high lubricity chemicals that help in cleaning and polishing a vehicle and removing all the surface dirt and contaminants.

The chemicals contained in these products work in the same way as water does in removing dust and dirt but taking a lesser amount of time and with higher efficiency. The entire process also offers convenience as all an individual needs to do is spray the product on the car and wipe it off. 

Why Should You Consider Using A Waterless Car Wash?

Adopting a waterless car wash offers a plethora of benefits, all of which are mentioned below in detail.

Conservation of Water:

A waterless car wash requires significantly less amount of water as compared to the conventional methods of car wash, which involve the use of water. Therefore especially, areas that are experiencing a shortage of water may benefit from the waterless car wash and simultaneously assist in water conservation.

Utmost Convenience:

A waterless car wash can be completed quickly and with utmost convenience as one doesn’t require to set up buckets, hoses or search for a dedicated area for a car wash. You also don’t require to engage in rinsing twice, soaping, and drying. One can conveniently clean the car in their own driveway or parking lot. 

Risk Of Watersports Are Lowered:

One of the most common nightmares for car owners after washing their car is seeing water spots on the surface if it is not dried appropriately. This hampers the aesthetic appeal and overall look of the car. Using waterless car wash products makes the chance of the appearance of water spots negligible and enhances the appearance of the vehicle. 

Tips To Make Your Waterless Car Wash Successful:

Although waterless car washes undoubtedly offer convenience and impressive results, it is essential to adopt the right strategies to turn it into a success. Here are some tips for safely and efficiently performing a waterless car wash:

Select The Right Products:

Since there is no use of water, the products must be powerful enough to remove dust and dirt; for this, selecting quality products from reliable brands is essential. Make sure that you select products with high lubricant to avoid unwanted scratches on your vehicle

Use A Microfiber Towel:

Using a microfiber towel for wiping the surface of the vehicle is always recommended. But it is essential to ensure that it is free of debris or else it may leave scratches on the surface of the car

Work In Sections:

Divide your vehicle into various sections and work on one section at a time to ensure the effectiveness of your cleaning. This will also lead to efficient use of the cleaning solution as it will not get dry before wiping. Sectional divisions of your car while cleaning will also assist you in a thorough cleaning overall. 

Resort to Proper Cleaning Technique:

Avoid rubbing on the surface vigorously with your microfiber towel, as it will increase the risk of leaving scratches on the vehicle. Wipe gently in circular motions or straight lines to make the most out of it. 


Considering all these tips will help you to make your waterless car wash successful. Carorbis offers you a convenient platform for purchasing waterless car wash accessories. Additionally, the platform also provides free shipping easy return policies, and doorstep delivery on every purchase. What are you waiting for? Start shopping!


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